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2nd Next Generation Advisory Committee Listening Session
Join the Listening Session on December 7th from 9:00AM to 12:00PM.

Online Zoom Meeting

Your Voice is Important!

The Maine Hospice Council is looking to establish a Next-Gen Advisory Committee that will empower the next generation of stakeholders who have a passion and drive for advancing hospice and palliative care practices and improving access to and integration of quality end-of-life care services for Maine communities and healthcare systems. We are looking for a group of forward-thinking, next-generation advisors to share their diverse voice and ideas to ignite the spark of transformative change for our healthcare providers and organization.

When generations unite, we combine the unique individual
strengths and skills of all people.

The next-gen advisory committee’s work will focus on promoting and fostering:

• Purposeful engagement
• Innovative problem solving
• Intentional and impactful work
• Quality improvement initiatives and
• Recommendations for program development


Through the work of the committee, we will identify opportunities and ideas for future change, advocacy, innovation, growth, and development that will elevate the standards and provision of quality of care for Mainers suffering from serious illnesses and/or who are facing a life- threatening condition and for the caregivers and families caring for them.

Our advisory group sessions will serve as a platform for open and honest dialogue on areas we see of importance and/or issues that need attention. Strong interdisciplinary and inter-generational collaboration is needed if we are to improve hospice and palliative care practices, strengthen our industry’s sustainability, growth, and integration within the larger healthcare systems.

Do you or someone you know have a passion for palliative care and hospice services? Are you an individual who has a strong interest in cultivating, shaping, and growing the quality of end-of-life care services for Maine people?

The Maine Hospice Council needs your voice and contributions to anticipate and adapt to the future of Maine’s palliative care and hospice services.

Through your active participation in the Next Gen advisory group, the Maine Hospice Council will work to create robust strategies and programs that will enable the organization to continue to grow its mission and to stay relevant/responsive to the fast-changing palliative care and hospice arena and healthcare systems.



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