Hospice Concerns Resources

How to get Help

If your life or someone else's life is in immediate danger dial 911

Maine Crisis Hotline: 1 (888) 568-1112

Maine's warm-line for non-crisis calls: 1 (866) 771-9276

Other state resources in Maine: 211

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 988


Hospice and End of Life Care Resources

Whether you are looking for a specific form or survey, or you are interested in reading reports or articles specific to hospice, you can choose from any of the listed categories.

  • Forms such as the Maine Health Care Advance Directive Form
  • Surveys such as the 2019 Maine State Hospice Report
  • Articles such as Judith Lief's "Attentive Care: Working with the Dying Patient"

If you are seeking a topic you can not find in this resource section, drop us an email and we will try to help.

A State-Wide Resource Guide of End of Life Care Support Services

A directory of medical and non-medical resources throughout Maine


Hospice Concern Forms

A Guide for Helping Retirees Navigate the Healthcare System

Maine Health Advanced Directive Form

Maine POLST (Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) Printing Release Form (Physician Resource)

Advance Care Plan & Guide for Native Americans

Hospice and End of Life Care Surveys/Reports

2019 Maine State Hospice Report by Hospice Analytics

Maine Rural Health Profiles - Sagadahock County

Maine Rural Health Profiles - Piscataquis County

Hospice Deficiencies Pose Risks to Medicare Beneficiaries - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General

Hospice and End of Life Care Articles

"Hospice Care Needs Saving" - Ira Byock

"What is the Difference Between Palliative Care and Hospice Care?" - CaringInfo

"President Carter is on hospice care, but what is it? Our medical analyst explains" - CNN Health

"Attentive Care: Working with the Dying Patient" by Judith Lief

Journal of Palliative Medicine Special Artile: "Advocacy and Activism: Missing Pieces in the Quest to Improve End-of-Life Care"

"Helping Indigenous Elderly Plan for Future" Jena Pierce

American Bar Association Tool Kit for Health Care Advance Planning

Best Practices for Staff Bereavement Care

"Dying Behind Bars: How Can We Better Support People in Prison at the End of Life?" Hospice UK

"Managing End-of-Life Anxiety with Hospice Patients" Net Health

"The Effects of the Profit Motive on the Hospice Movement: Will quality of care be compromised?" - AJN Reports

"What Are the Pros and Cons of Hospice Nursing?"

Podcast Available: End of Life University offers "Touching Two Worlds: Finding Hope After Loss". Speaker Sherry Walling, PhD, talks about ways that grief touches both sorrow and joy.  

Advance Care Planning

Advance Health Care Planning Resources

Advance Directives vs. POLST Forms

Advance Care Planning for Medicare Beneficiaries

Medicare Hospice Benefits - Maine Department of Health and Human Services

Other Resources

 masters in publicTransportation Resource Guide for Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities

LEGAL CARE.png.png

Mesothelioma in Women

nursing home abuse

Exposing Nursing Home Abuse and Helping Seniors Get Justice

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During serious illness, CaringInfo is here to help you make informed decisions about care and services before a crisis.

Resource: What is the Difference between Palliative Care and Hospice Care?

kaplan logo purple 7265 Therapeutic Communication Strategies for the Mentally Ill Client

give a mle

 Give a gift of a final goodbye.

Our Mission

To give the gift of a final goodbye by providing flights for loved ones to be together during times of palliative or critical illness.

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Christian-Based Grief Support Group

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