Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Maine Hospice Council & Center for End-of-Life Care will be held June 9th from 8 to 1:30 at the Franco Center in Lewiston. Don Schumacher, PsyD, NHPCO's President and CEO will keynote this event. For more information and to register, please visit:


Hospice-Prison Conference

Our 5th annual Hospice-Prison Conference, Service to Others: The Impact on Recovery & Rehabilitation is now open for registration. This year's conference will be held June 28 & 29, 8:15-3:30 pm, at Maine State Prison in Warren. Presenters include the Hospice Class at Maine State Prison, Warden Randall Liberty, and our two keynote speakers: Laura Bates and Stephanie Morrison.

Registration for this two-day conference is $60 for Members, $75 for Non-members, $30 for Students and Family Members of Inmates, free for MSP/MDOC Staff Members. While we hope you are able to attend both days, if you are only able to attend one, please e-mail For more information and to register, please visit:

PLEASE NOTE: Registration will close one week prior to the conference.


Our Events

Since 1984, the Maine Hospice Council and Center for End-of-Life Care has been the leading advocate, trainer, and educator for hospice care in Maine through our mission to ensure the continued development and delivery of high quality hospice and palliative care to all Mainers. As part of this mission, the Council holds various conferences, fundraisers, meetings, and other events throughout the year in an effort to educate both professionals and laypersons in the best practices of hospice and palliative care medicine. The Maine Hospice Council often brings nationally recognized presenters who are not only experts on the issues, but familiar with the unique needs we have in Maine.

Annual Meeting

The Maine Hospice Council and Center for End of Life Care traditionally holds its annual meeting in June.  The day begins with breakfast followed by a business meeting, networking opportunities, lunch and an educational event featuring a keynote speaker.  The board and staff welcome our members as well as anyone else who may be interested in improving access to quality end of life care.  For more information about registration, event details, and speaker profiles, please access our web site on a regular basis.

Quarterly Education Meetings

Hospice volunteers and clinicians have many areas of expertise.  They also need and ask for additional education about topics of interest or areas where they require additional information to carry out their responsibilities more effectively.  Therefore, the first Monday of each quarter (January/April/July/October) the Council hosts an education day to address topics of interest or to introduce new programs or resources. The day usually runs from 9AM-1PM and locations vary. We try to make these events free for members.

Hospice Veteran Partnership Conference

In 2004, staff at the Maine Hospice Council and the Togus VA Medical Center, along with our many direct service Hospice Providers developed one of the first Hospice/Veteran Partnerships in the United States.  The issues that Veterans and their families were dealing with were incredibly complex and the data was overwhelming.  One-quarter of all people who died were Veterans and of that number, only four percent died in a VA medical facility.  Ninety-six percent were dying in the care of community-based providers.  Sadly, many community-based clinicians had little information or education about the unique needs of Veterans.  Therefore, in order for Veterans to remain at home in the care of their families, the Department of Veterans Affairs realized that the VA needed to develop collaborative relationships with community partners, specifically Hospice Programs.  Today, there is still a l

Annual Blaine House Tea

Each year in Augusta, the Maine Hospice Council and the Home Care and Hospice Alliance of Maine host a Tea at the Blaine House to honor the hundreds of health care professionals and volunteers who provide quality end of life care for members of our communities.  Awards and a brief presentation pay tribute to the men and women who dedicate their lives to helping others at a time of great need.   The Tea is traditionally held in November and is free and open to the public.  The Blaine House requires a guest list for security purposes, so an RSVP is necessary.

The Maine Pain Symposium

The Maine Pain Symposium is a conference of the Maine Pain Initiative (MPI), which began in July, 1993 as the Maine Cancer Pain Initiative. It was modeled after the highly effective Wisconsin Cancer Pain Initiative, which began in the 1980′s and is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of health care professionals, consumers and other interested persons.

MPI’s Objectives:

Hospice Retreat

Each year the Maine Hospice Council and Center for End of Life Care hosts a weekend retreat. The Annual Retreat is held at the Rangeley Inn in October, a time of year with traditionally mild weather and beautiful fall foliage.  Anyone working in end-of-life care is invited to register and enjoy 3-days of educational and recreational activities in a relaxing, nurturing environment.  The goal is to make sure the event contributes to the well-being of all who attend.  Thanks to our many sponsors, the rates are affordable so please consider joining us!